Cornell Veterinary School Expansion Construction Update, 7/2016

31 07 2016

Over at the Cornell Vet School, one of the biggest changes since the last update in May has been the removal of the old glass curtain wall on the ca. 1974 Vet Research Tower. The insides have been temporarily walled off just inside the support columns. The support system for the glass wall has to be modified in order to support the replacement glass curtain wall, which should be fully installed by the fall. A small section of the new curtain wall, with a much lighter tint and trim and more transparent than the first, can be seen in photos two and three.

Most of the building demolitions should be finishing up at this point, which will allow construction of the new dean’s wing and library (reinforced concrete structure below) to extend back and connect with the rest of the vet school complex. The Poultry Virus Lab on the corner of Campus Road and Caldwell Road is the last major demolition planned, and will come down later this year to allow a new Community Practice Service building to take its place. Technically, that $7 million project is considered to be separate from the vet school expansion.
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