Gannett Health Center Construction Update, 7/2016

30 07 2016

Work on the Gannett Health Center is at the transition point between the first and second phases. With the new wing largely finished, occupants have been migrating into the new digs, while the interiors of the original 1957 wing and later 1979 addition are being prepped for a gut renovation. There’s still some bluestone and limestone cladding yet to go on the new wing’s stairwells, but the interior’s complete enough that a certificate of occupancy could be issued. I’ve received a couple messages from folks who are less than happy that the temporary main entrance in next to the ambulance bay, and that the interior’s lack of finish at moving was less than comforting to clients, but both of those problems will (hopefully) be rectified as the second phase moves towards an August 2017 completion. The whole facility will be known collectively as “Cornell Health“.

20160717_144759 20160717_144802 20160717_144805 20160717_144907 20160717_144930 20160717_145226 20160717_145230 20160717_145425 20160717_145434

gannett4 gannett_web



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