Hotel Ithaca Construction Update, 6/2016

14 06 2016

The Hotel Ithaca’s new wing seems to be moving right along. Most of the foundation has been completed. Some wooden forms used for foundation pours can be seen in the third photo, right next to the reinforced concrete footing. CMU walls create interior partitions within the building’s footprint – likely space for some of the 90 future hotel rooms, although none of the published materials online have shown an interior layout of the new wing. It’s suggested in the project site plan review documents that the new fitness center, breakout rooms and meeting rooms will be near where the new wing will connect to the existing hotel. Given the lack of windows or an entrance on the the first floor of the new wing facing South Cayuga, some of those function spaces are probably down at this east end of the wing, nearest to the street. Early plans did have an entrance on the South Cayuga side, but it was removed during project revisions.

The $9.5 million project is expected to open to guests in May 2017. More info about the project can be found here.

20160608_131325 20160608_131331 20160608_131351 20160608_131419 20160608_131442 20160608_131446



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