209-215 Dryden Road Construction Update, 06/2016

15 06 2016

At the site of the new Breazzano Family Center for Business Education, work continues on the foundation. It looks like excavation is mostly complete at this point and they’re putting in concrete footings, with digging for a new footing taking place at left in the first photo. The rebar doweled into the concrete will be tied into the walls as they’re built up. The footings closest to 205 Dryden (westernmost section) will hold the elevator shaft, stairwell and restrooms for each floor.

For those wanting a glimpse of the future, Cornell has put up a video render on Youtube showing the new building (exterior and interior) and advertising some of its features. There is an embedded copy of the video clip below.

20160608_162032 20160608_162035 20160608_162040 20160608_162217 20160608_162257 20160608_162323

209-215_2 209-215_basement



6 responses

15 06 2016
Dryden South Owner

Hello Brian, I would like to offer you a tour of Dryden South. You may also appreciate an elevated vantage point for coverage of the Breazzano Family Center for Business Education, as well.

15 06 2016

Any idea yet if this will be a steel-framed structure?

15 06 2016

Thanks for the update. I enjoyed that video too.

15 06 2016

Any idea yet if this is a structural steel framed building?

16 06 2016
B. C.

I have not seen anything on file that indicates whether it will be steel or reinforced concrete. But I’ll shoot the project manager an email and let you know if I hear back.

16 06 2016
Dryden South Owner

It will be a steel structure

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