Carey Building Construction Update, 6/2016

14 06 2016

Another project that’s nearing the finishing line. Travis Hyde Properties will be wrapping up their Carey Building overbuild over the next several weeks. The target move-in day for tenants is June 15th, but there have been some last minute hang-ups with NYSEG and getting the utility services all ready to go, so I’m not 100% positive that date is still accurate. Side note, NYSEG is also the same reason why Tompkins Trust has been unable to commence with their new headquarters project.

I can finally affirm that the brown tinted glass looks different than the plywood placeholders. Actually, it’s a nice bronze shade that complements the synthetic stucco and terra cotta quite nicely. The bronze glass will also be used in the unfinished vertical section in the east facade.

Also, a really cool detail – the overhang of the fourth floor has been outfitted with color-changing LED lights, which will make going out onto Rev’s third floor rooftop patio that much more interesting. I’m willing to bet they can be programmed for standard white light, and for special occasions.

As mentioned in the weekly roundup a couple weeks back, rents on the units are going from $1,225/month for the microunits to $2,699/month for a high-end penthouse 2-bedroom. At the time of the WSKG newspiece (May 22nd), 5 of the 20 units already had claims staked. The THP webpage still lists all the units as available in the list of vacancies (although the list doesn’t look like it’s been updated since some time in May), but on another part of the website, only the lowest-price studios, the $1,225/month units, are listed as still available. There are 4 $1225/month studios, 2 $1250/month studios, 2 $1300/month studios, 6 $1325/month studios, and 2 $1350/month studios. So, assuming the website information is fully-encompassing, that would imply that at least 12 of the 16 micro-units are rented, and an unknown number of the 4 2-bedroom units, which range from $2337-$2699/month.

Apart from the specialty glazing on the exterior, a potential future wall mural, and whatever finishing work is left inside, this one’s wrapped up. John Snyder Architects and LeChase Construction have left their mark on the downtown Ithaca skyline.

However, work on this block isn’t likely to stop anytime soon – just as the Carey wraps up, the Hilton Canopy hotel will be getting underway. The Canopy is targeting an early 2018 opening.

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carey_rev5_1 carey_rev5_3 carey_rev5_2



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