Simeon’s Reconstruction Update, 6/2016

13 06 2016

Almost done. From the outside, work on the Griffin Building (Simeon’s) reconstruction is nearlycomplete – glancing at the lead image, it’s almost as though the tragic semi-truck crash never happened. But, looking closely, one can pick out telltale signs – for instance, the new brick isn’t the same shade as the century-old brick in the undamaged section of the 1871 building. New energy-efficient windows are being fitted on the east facade. The ZIP panels facing the Commons will be overlaid with cast iron, some of which will be restored panels that were put into storage after the emergency demolition, and refurbished while construction was underway.

Inside, McPherson is progressing with drywall and utility work for the upper-floor apartments, and Simeon’s contractor (Fahs Construction Group of Binghamton) is building out the first and second floor restaurant space to house the new Simeon’s. The new entrance to Simeon’s will also be faced with cast iron. Initial plans called for a June opening, but according to city Planning Director JoAnn Cornish, they’re now looking at August. The apartments are expected to be ready for occupancy by late August.

20160608_132219 20160608_132559 20160608_132637 20160608_132652 20160608_132734





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