Masonic Temple Renovation Update, 8/2019

11 08 2019

This project seems to be stuck in neutral. The windows were repaired, the front steps, front door and light wells were rebuilt and the new ADA-acceptable ramp was poured. But the exterior limestone hasn’t been cleaned and there’s no sign of interior work. The retail listings are no longer being updated. There’s nothing on Ithaca Renting’s website either. Fane’s been busy with plans for the tallest building in Rhode Island, but one wonders when the work here will be completed.



3 responses

12 08 2019

Ugh, really? Just when we thought something would be done with that building. I am getting pretty tired of Jason Fane holding on to abandoned eyesores in Ithaca.

19 08 2019

Good, maybe there’s still a chance it will be demolished in favor of a more productive use for that corner.

19 08 2019
B. C.

Good luck with that. Fane wanted to do that in the early ’90s, so the city made the building an individual landmark in 1994. Nothing short of damage from an “Act of God” disaster would persuade the city to allow a demo there.

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