Village Solars Construction Update, 2/2016

23 02 2016

At the Village Solars construction site, 12-unit Building “D” is nearly complete from the outside, with just a couple of small sections of exterior trim yet to be installed.

18-unit Building “G/H”, a new design, is a hodge-podge of materials at the moment. A few exterior wall sections are bare plywood, some have been covered in housewrap (looks like there are two different companies, the Croft Lumber black label and a red label that I did not take close enough photos of to identify), some have had exterior wood and cement board trim attached and for some unknown reason, the northwest corner has gypsum board from National Gypsum. Both are waterproof barriers, although they can vary on details like fireproofing. Windows and doors have been fitted and the plywood roof panels (Huber ZIP system) are now shingled.

11-unit Building “E” is up to the second floor, wrapped but without openings cut for the windows on the second floor (they’re there, just wrapped over) – perhaps the contractor’s using the wrap as something of a wind barrier while the crew puts up the interior stud walls.

Late spring and summer occupancies seem likely. The 41 new units are the $6 million second phase of a 174-unit, multi-phase project (an as-yet unapproved set of phases would bring the total to over 300 units). Phase one, with three buildings and 36 units, opened last year.

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