Texas Roadhouse Construction Update, 2/2016

22 02 2016

Color me impressed on how quickly Texas Roadhouse has gone up. Just a month ago, this was just a filled lot. Contractors on-site (the general contractor appears to be Edger Enterprises of Elmira, given the branding on the equipment) have sided the wood-frame skeleton with plywood and exterior wood trim has been attached on the lower half of he building, and most of the rear (east) wall. Brick veneer will be plastered to the exposed concrete at the base of the building.

Where the wood trim has yet to be applied, DuPont Tyvek housewrap is visible; Tyvek is a common brand of sheathing used to keep moisture away from the plywood, but lets the boards breathe out, keeping them dry and making it less likely to mold over or rot in Ithaca’s relatively wet climate. On pitched portions of the roof, it appears that felt paper is in the process of being applied, which also helps in waterproofing.

No doors and windows just yet, although some plastic sheeting has been hung to keep the winter winds at bay. Peering inside through one doorway showed some exposed wood studs and an interior undergoing rough-ins.

The architecture is the standard corporate theme, which might have helped the process along since there wasn’t a great need for unique architectural elements.

The $1.35 million project at 719 South Meadow Street was formerly home to Cellular One, a 1990s one-story masonry building that was demolished in 2013, leaving a vacant lot until now. The 7,163 sq ft store looks to be the standard corporate design theme for the 430-restuarant chain. Expect a late spring or early summer 2016 opening.

Texas Roadhouse corporate is developing the site, leasing the land from plaza owner DDR Corp. of Ohio. GreenbergFarrow of suburban Chicago is serving as an architectural consultant for the project.

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4 responses

24 02 2016
drill deep

TRH took forever and a day getting that pile foundation completed. I think they were seriously behind schedule. Edger did a great job picking up the slack. Saturday and Sunday work schedule, those guys busted their humps out there.

Wood frame construction is fast and as much as the professional carpenters don’t like to hear it, there is no shortage of mouth breathers who can swing a hammer. Not that all carpenters are mouth breathers…

24 02 2016
drill deep

And let’s face it, when you drive by you have to think “Am I driving on a road in Texas, and is that a house?” Remarkable! Hand cut steaks! Line Dancing!
This place can’t open soon enough.

24 02 2016
B. C.

You know, when I was taking photos, a passing driver honked his horn and gave me a thumbs up. First time that’s ever happened.

5 03 2016
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[…] relatively dry and mild winter helped keep this project moving along (February construction update here). The 7,163 SF restaurant expects to hire 170 to 200 employees, of which 80 will be full time. That […]

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