323 Taughannock Boulevard Construction Update, 5/2019

2 06 2019

If you think these went up fast, it’s because they did. The modular pieces from Bensonwood were installed in just a couple of weeks; the group of three one week, and the group of five the next (note that the two substrings are slightly offset from each other). The units came with windows fitted and ZIP panel plywood sheathing already in place. The wood rails for the lap siding came after installation onto the foundation. The first floor will be faced with brick, the top two floors with fiber cement lap siding.

The 323 Taughannock project has a name “Boathouse Landing on Cayuga Inlet“. It’s a mouthful. The website is full of the typical heavy, pretentious marketing that defines high-end residential real estate – the reference to “private lifts”, for instance, because calling it an elevator is too plebeian. There’s a substantial possibility that STREAM Collaborative designed the website and branding as they’ve done with some of their projects like the Cottages at Fall Creek Crossing, especially since the layouts are similar, but I doubt any of their staff would employ such overly florid language. It might have been someone at the developer (Arnot Realty) office or a marketing team they contracted out to.

Features and amenities include private patios and balconies, cable and high-speed internet, stainless steel Energy Star appliances, off-site solar power, in-unit laundry, LED lighting, plank flooring on the upper levels, radiant floor heating in the bathrooms, A/C and heat that can be controlled for each room in the unit, private elevators and smart video doorbell systems on certain units, and fully accessible units for those who may have mobility or physical impairment issues. Pets are permitted, and there appears to be an on-site fitness center in the works.

The floor plans can be seen here. The eight two-bedroom units come in three flavors, dubbed “Catalina”, “Hinckley” and “Garwood”. Catalinas have the elevators, and are the largest at 1,750 SF.  Hinckleys are slightly smaller at 1700 SF and lack the elevators, while Garwoods are the smallest at 1,360 SF. All are 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath units. The eight studios come in three flavors as well – “Crosby” (670 SF), “Hobie” (630 SF), and “Laser” (600 SF). It is not clear how those names were selected.

According to online listings, the top-of-the-line Catalinas are listed at $3600-$3700/month, while the other two-bedroom units are $3,400-$3,500/month. Studios go for $1,500-$1,850/month. The project team is aiming to be ready for occupancy by July 29th.

More about the project history and features can be found here.


Absolutely not.

The Catalina two-bedroom floorplan.

The Laser studio floor plan.



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3 06 2019
Karl Madeo


Wow…those are some hefty rents they’re asking…and people thought the City Center units were expensive!

Those Catalina and Hinckley units are kind of odd aren’t they…having the living areas above the bedrooms? Don’t think I’ve seen that before. Better hope that whoever is renting the studio below isn’t a late night partier.

Btw…I also had a question about the proposed city ordinance you mentioned back in May regarding the area around the waste treatment facility. What “inconveniences and discomfort” do you think are being referenced? I’ve walked the waterfront trail right in front of the facility many times, not to mention being at the Farmers Market, and haven’t noticed any odor issues.

Karl >

4 06 2019
B. C.

I’d confidently say those would be some of the most expensive units per square foot in the whole city, and certainly so if Collegetown is excluded.

The IAWWTF ordinance proposal says “The disclosure would inform anyone purchasing a property in the vicinity of the plant of potential impacts associated with wastewater treatment operations, including noise, odors, fumes, dust, smoke, operation of machinery during any time of day or night, storage and disposal of waste.”

Cynthia wrote the following language in her proposal. It would be appended to all deeds, and if she can legally get it, all rentals:

“If the property in which you are taking an interest is located near the IAWWTF, or included within the IAWWTF Setback Zone, you may be subject to inconveniences or discomfort arising from such operations. Such may include, but may not necessarily be limited to: odors, trucks, lighting, construction, noise, fumes, dust, smoke, discharge, operation of machinery during any 24 hour period, storage and disposal of biosolids and trucked waste, and the application of chemicals, amendments. One or more of the inconveniences described may occur as a result of any operation which is in conformance with existing laws and regulations and accepted customs and standards. If you live near the IAWWTF, you should be prepared to accept such inconveniences and discomfort as a normal and necessary aspect of living in proximity to a waste water treatment facility.”

The Planning Department was not comfortable with the proposal as submitted, so I dunno what will happen. The city attorney’s reviewing it, the last I knew.


4 06 2019

Wow, I didn’t notice until Karl pointed it out, but he’s right: The Catalina floor plan makes no sense. Why would you put the living area above the bedrooms, when you enter by going up stairs from the ground level? It means your bedroom is essentially at your front door, and you have to go past it and up a flight of stairs to get to your kitchen! Not to mention, of course, the potential for hearing more noise from the studio on the ground floor, and being awoken by footsteps above you if someone else in your apartment gets up to get a snack in the middle of the night. You would think the designers behind these apartments would have put more effort into making them comfortable if they’re going to ask such ridiculous prices for them.

Also, on an unrelated note: What’s the meaning of the caption “Absolutely not” on that picture of an old dock? I’ve puzzled over it and I can’t figure it out.

5 06 2019
B. C.

Just a reference to a Tweet I made. I refused to step on that busted dock, even though it offered a really good angle for photos.

5 06 2019

I imagine their constraint was that the balcony must be on the top floor, then putting the bedrooms on that smaller floor would be quite the squeeze and access to the balcony would be through the bedroom. Not so great for gatherings. Though I see the point about the bedrooms being at the front door. As to hearing people walk on the floor above you, at the price point of these units that should just not happen!

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