238 Linden Avenue Construction Update, 3/2019

22 03 2019

Like 119-125 College Avenue, 238 Linden is being designed by ikon.5 Architects, With similar aesthetics and structural design (and more than a passing similarity to the 2,000 bed Cornell North Campus dormitory expansion, which has the same development team) looking at this project is essentially like looking at the next steps for its larger sibling a couple blocks away. However, while 119-125 College Avenue uses Welliver as its general contractor, Hayner Hoyt is in charge of buildout for the 238 Linden site, with several subcontractors on site (for example, the roofing is being done by Hale Contracting of Horseheads). Like its sister building, this project has no online presence apart from what was documented by the city or reported by the Voice and Times.

Interestingly, the window frames protrude from the wall rather then sitting flush with the set opening. The waterproof barrier is on over the gypsum panels, and the metal rails for the fiber cement and zinc panels are in the process of being installed on the north and west faces.

It was clear at first glance that the footprint of the building is markedly different, and the fenestration is nothing like the approved renders at the bottom of the post – there are fewer windows overall, and honestly I’m not sure if the building footprint was reduced in size. It was supposed to be 24 studio units, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were only eighteen now. There was no public reviews for these changes, and these are by no means minor tweaks. The line between a large new construction project redesign requiring board re-approval, and a redesign only needing staff approval is rather murky.

A history and overall description of the 238 Linden Avenue project can be found here.



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22 03 2019
Caleb P Smith

Hey Brian, hope all is well. Thanks for all the labor of love that you put into these blog posts. Just a small correction on 238 Linden Ave. project, Hayner-Hoyt is the GC on this project (Welliver’s doing the 119-125 College Ave. for John and Phil, they typically always spread their risk around with different GCs on concurrent active projects)

Quick plug for ourselves that Hale Roofing from Horseheads is performing the roof system scope on this project :).

Thanks again for all you do, hope to catch up with you sometime soon!

Caleb Smith Hale Contracting, Inc. C: 607.368.7580 E: csmith@haleroofinginc.com HaleRoofingInc.com

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23 03 2019
B. C.

Hi Caleb,

You’re right! I even remember seeing a Hayner Hoyt sign leaning against some site material and it just slipped my mind. It’s been updated now, thanks!

22 03 2019

It almost looks like there wasn’t even room for the building they purported to be putting in and almost a quarter of it had to be lopped off.

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