619 West State Street Construction Update, 3/2016

23 03 2016

Not much left to go here. 619 West State Street, the future home of HOLT Architects, is near the finish line. The wood siding has been attached, although it’s hard to tell if the (dormer? periscope window?) will be sided with wood or the off-white metal paneling like most of the plaza. It doesn’t look like the rooftop solar panels have been installed yet, but they’re on the to-do list. Exterior and interior work is a little further behind on the rental portions of the building, where two smaller commercial spaces will be available to tenants. Someone from HOLT feel free to comment, but I think one of the spaces is already spoken for.

I can vouch from being that that HOLT’s interior space is nearly complete, and looks great. The lime green paint in the entrance area stands out and gives it a certain liveliness. I was tempted to take photos, but there were multiple people working inside finishing up HOLT’s space last Saturday, and I felt uneasy with the idea of interrupting for an impromptu tour. So I was that guy, staring inside, awkwardly holding his camera phone, before giving in to preconceived social mores and leaving them be. I guess I’m a lot more comfortable bothering people when they’re outdoors.

Tompkins Trust Company is providing the financing, and local company McPherson Builders is in charge of general construction. The project cost for the net-zero energy structure comes in at about $482,500, based off the construction loan on file with the county. More discussion about the net-zero features can be found here, and HOLT’s move to the West End here.

20160319_144706 20160319_144734 20160319_144737 20160319_144811 20160319_144822





2 responses

23 03 2016
Cornell PhD

Maybe it’s just hard to see well because of the direction of the light in these photos, but I’m not feeling this reno at all. It may even look worse than the previous cheap pomo variant, which is saying something. And I still wish more had been done with this property given the price tag. I guess I’m glad it’s “certified green” but have to wonder if several floors of apartments (or eliminating some parking) wouldn’t have been greener than whatever energy was saved in the conversion. tl;dr: meh.

24 03 2016

Looks like a soulless suburban strip mall. Oh well, at least it’s not abandoned, like some of the other property on the west end.

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