Stone Quarry Apartments Construction Update, 6/2015

17 06 2015

Here’s another project that’s in the home stretch – INHS’s 35-unit Stone Quarry Apartments project on Spencer Road. On the outside, the buildings themselves are pretty much done. A small playground has been installed and the asphalt for the parking area has been laid. A few sidewalk slabs still need to be poured, light poles still need to be erected and the landscaping still needs to be finished out, but otherwise, this is very close to the final product.

A look at the interior of one of the townhome units (not included because the image also included my reflection in the glass) showed that the drywall has been hung, but carpeting and interior finishes are still on the to-do list. Tenants can expect to move in during September 2015.

As this project wraps up, INHS will still be carrying a full schedule for the near future – their townhouse project in East Ithaca, Greenways, will be starting construction shortly. And while Greenways builds out its three phases over the next few years, work will begin on 210 Hancock‘s 53 apartments at some time well into 2016 (assuming no big hangups occur).


The Stone Quarry project consists of 16 two-story townhouses (2 rows, 8 each), and a 19-unit, 3-story apartment building on the northern third of the property. Specifically, the breakdown of unit sizes is follows:

16 three-bedroom Townhouses
2 three-bedroom Apartments
11 two-bedroom Apartments
6 one-bedroom Apartments

As with all projects by INHS, the units are targeted towards individuals with modest incomes, with rents of $375-$1250/month depending on unit size and resident income. While affordable housing is generally welcome and sorely needed, Stone Quarry had a number of complaints due to size, location and lingering environmental concerns.

The build-out is being handled by LeCesse Construction, a nationwide contractor with an office in suburban Rochester. The design is by local firms HOLT Architects and Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects.

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5 responses

18 06 2015
drill deep

I for one am happy to see these completed. This project hits all the marks and is probably the best use of the location given the parameters. But there are 35 units and a total of 82 beds. And how many parking spaces? Going to be jam packed I think.

Kind of feel bad for the folks who will be overlooking a few dozen Porta- Johns though. Still beats a lot of the over priced and out of date housing in town by a long shot.

18 06 2015
B. C.

INHS did a study of its tenants’ vehicle use this spring and for its 240ish apartments, they found that only 41% of residents owned cars, with 12% owning two cars or more. So if one takes 41% of 82, that would be 33.6, but with the additional 12%, it would be 9.8 more, so 43 or 44 spaces. However, in that same study, the further out from stores and businesses that a unit was, the more likely a tenant was to have a car. I can’t remember offhand if this was approved at 37 or 43 spaces, but it’s a tight fit either way.

18 06 2015
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20 06 2015

I like the colors on these buildings. All the other townhouses around here seem to be ugly beige boxes, and I’m glad to see these builders didn’t fall into the “cheap = ugly” trope.

18 07 2016
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