Belle Sherman Cottages Construction Update, 6/2015

16 06 2015

At the Belle Sherman Cottages project site, the first five townhouses (lots 25-29) have had their modular units delivered and craned into place. Waterproofing sheathing can be seen on some of the dormers where the “Autumn Red” and “Savannah Wicker” Certainteed clapboard siding has yet to be installed. and some of the front-facing garages still have unsheathed plywood showing, with rough garage openings. taking a guess, it looks like the work crews are working from north to south (29 to 25) on the two-bedroom townhomes.

The units have a slightly staggered elevation, with the units decreasing a few inches as the row progresses southward. The change in profile makes each unit a little more visually distinct.

A couple walking by as I was taking photos pointed out how curious it was that only the center unit, lot 27, has a rear deck. But, optional features are optional features; que sera sera.

Next to lots 25-29 are the lots for the second set of townhouses, 20-24. The foundation for those homes has been excavated, and at some point soon, the water will be pumped out, footers poured, and the CMU block foundations will be laid for the new units.

On the other side of the property, the last of the marketed homes is under construction. Lot 11 is a “Classic Farmhouse” with Autumn yellow siding and the usual white trim. The four Simplex modular units have been delivered and hoisted onto the foundation (Jason at Ithaca Builds offers a great rundown of the modular units here). Over the next few weeks, the house will be sided, the interiors will be finished out, and the porch and remaining trim will be attached.

The first set of townhomes should be ready for occupancy this summer, and the second set might be ready by August but that seems like a stretch; I’d wager that early fall is more likely. One more single-family house, lot 9, is due to be marketed and built at some point in the near future; the project will then be fully built out, about 3.5 years after the model house was built.

The Belle Sherman Cottages project on East Hill consists of 19 single-family detached homes and 10 townhouses, developed by Skaneateles-based Agora Development and built by local company Carina Construction.

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6 responses

16 06 2015

I’m sold on this development; dense, walkable, and in the city.

17 06 2015

I would like it more if I knew there was zoning/covenants to limit one car per household and required owner occupancy.

17 06 2015
B. C.

None imposed by the town. In fact, they had to go back to the board in 2012 to allow for a 2-car garage option (at a $15k premium), and the board was surprised because they thought multi-bay garages had been approved already.–9_2LEZp2t2g8bsJssEp6btEYM-FJmQuFg5h4sdY01cZn_Ig3Er-OgL0dRbSQqdFXwnktCdAj3zmZanIsFNXGFHOEd3NU0ygV4keEKDlxU9VtMeONxuY5PyfTJjdO6yCLYPlJn4nkH_GsJuksR7CvU1Ij8Wo9ARb4LbhKHfYXY4CvwpVV9g5rC1I0zXjixPM_nIC8uDIX-u-mrOQvmCXIxAzU5Mmg%3D%3D&attredirects=0

I’d be surprised if there was an owner-occupied covenant. A big market for townhouses in Ithaca is the wealthy parents of Cornell students.

17 06 2015
B. C.

Oh whoops, sorry Wilson, I misread your comment and thought it was a question. My mistake.

18 07 2016
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