210 Linden Avenue Construction Update 7/2018

13 07 2018

Time to take a look at Visum’s smaller Collegetown projects. 210 Linden is the largest and furthest along; the city allowed them to hook up to water and sewer service this week.

Note there are some clear differences between what was originally approved, and what’s being built. The fenestration is a different layout – the top floor windows originally did not line up with the window arrangement of the other floors. Secondly, the floor-to-ceiling multi-pane treatment on the top floor’s front (east) facade has been eliminated, given a similar if slightly glassier treatment as the other three floors, which had a balcony window reduced in size. The most likely guess is value engineering – save cost, save time, especially the latter since the building needs to be open by mid-August.

The overall shape remains the same, but with these changes it’s a bit of a question mark as to the appearance of the final materials – it’s probably the same as approved, since the vertical wood rails over the sheathing indicate the LP SmartSide fiber cement lap siding is coming at some point. The sheathing is a mix of Huber plywood zip panels with its specialized tape system, and TYPAR housewrap over plywood panels courtesy of North Main Lumber, a regional lumber sales chain. Romig General Contractor is doing the build-out, and their work with Visum is arguably the first multi-family project they’ve tackled in the Ithaca area.

Although 210 Linden is too small to host much in the way of amenities (it has a garbage collection room and bike room in the basement), its 37 residents will have full access to the amenities offered in The Lux just up the street. Connecting the dots, those were probably quartz countertops in the Lux update; seems plausible the same high-end fixtures, cabinetry and appliances would be used in both.

The background info/intro to 210 Linden can be found here.



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13 07 2018
210 Linden Avenue Construction Update 7/2018 — Ithacating in Cornell Heights – Business Startup-Bay Area

[…] via 210 Linden Avenue Construction Update 7/2018 — Ithacating in Cornell Heights […]

18 10 2018
Victoria Grant

Hi Hayden

I don’t know if you noticed but in one my last emails to you (attached below) I asked for for advice of how to fill out the paperwork for the surrogate court of Tompkins County . I did not wish to go to other lawyers. I do not think you replied to this email I sent you below so I put aside the paperwork for a while.

When I returned to the USA I became unbelievable busy with competition in Collegetown to rent. Now we are about to leave for the UK again and I still as executor have not filed my preliminary papers to the court. I will try to do this tomorrow or latest Monday. I will do the best I can without help as I feel an urgency to get this sorted.

Is anyone interested in giving me some guidance at your office? The sooner I can transfer the Estate the sooner we can sell to Todd or whoever is interested . Don’t you think ?

Please let me know how to proceed. Do I need to know the cost beforehand or do it for an agreed price or pay by the hour?Who will help me? Later when I have inherited then we can think of an LLC for 301 Dryden etc

I am told by my tax advisor I have another year to finish this. We are doing the yearly taxes for the Estate now. We will return December 5.

Did you hear the sale of the nines completed to Novaar last week!?

Hope to hear from you soon. Hope you are well

Best regards


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