Gannett Health Center Construction Update, 5/2017

23 05 2017

Another Cornell project in the final stretch is the second phase of the $44 million Gannett Health Services reconstruction, now known as “Cornell Health“. The new entrance is being fleshed out with fiberglass mat sheathing, and will be finished out with stone and brushed aluminum. The silvery material is a Carisle 705FR-A fireproof air/vapor barrier, which is made of aluminum and HDPE (plastic) sheets. The entrance canopy will be enclosed in glass, and the concrete podium will be concealed when the front entrance is backfilled to the height of Ho Plaza. The new northeast wing is being clad in limestone panels atop a continuous anchor system, because stone is dense and it needs a system able to support its weight. OCD-inducing Side note, that “Cornell Health” lettering signage is a different font than the rest of campus, Arial versus the campus’s usual Kabel font.

Like with Upson, the plan is to have the building open by August, although the landscaping could take another couple of months, wrapping up by October 2017.



5 responses

23 05 2017
Tom Schryver (@TomSchryver)

Arial? ARIAL???? Good God.

Seriously, that’s annoying. I hope they fix it.

23 05 2017
B. C.

If they use Papyrus, I’ll never donate again.

23 05 2017

Man, they sure are going to great lengths to make that northeast wing match the 1970s prison block. Didn’t anybody tell them it was hideous? Besides, since their plan for this building is “bolt random architectural styles together,” they could have just used the colorful glass panels from the new curvy wing, or done an imitation of the bluestone-framed glass curtain wall from the original building, and it wouldn’t have looked any weirder.

24 05 2017
B. C.

Peculiar for a school with one of the top architecture programs in the nation, but the actual architecture at Cornell hasn’t been a selling point since the 1950s (although there was brief renaissance in the 1990s with the Tjaden and Sage renovations).

24 05 2017

I’m probably in the minority here liking Milstein Hall, but there must be some architecture students who are into having a kind of wild OMA building to inhabit.

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