312-314 Spencer Road Construction Update, 1/2017

10 01 2017

The new duplexes on Old Elmira Road seem to be moving right along. The east building has three shades of siding, one for each floor, and a third at gable-level. The exterior is accented by white trim boards. The variety in colors is an easy to way visual interest to an otherwise simple design. We’ll have to wait and see what colors they break out for the west building, which also benefits from a window bay projection facing towards the open space. It looks like plans to use shake siding on the bay projection have been dropped. Both building appear to be fully roofed and shingled. Signage at the edge of the road suggests precast concrete Superior Walls were used in the foundation work.

The 4 3-bedroom units are expected to hit the market in February. In the November update, I noted that Craigslist had these at $1700; the Modern Living Rentals website, which is the rental company for developer Charlie O’Connor, has them listed at $2100. Consider these a preview of the 4 two-family homes to be built at 607 South Aurora this spring and summer, which are also an O’Connor project.

20170107_113210 20170107_113347 20170107_113417 20170107_113438 20170107_113506 20170107_113530 20170107_113545 20170107_113554



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11 01 2017
Cornell Grad

These look nice, and it’s good to see some moderate density coming to this underutilized part of town. It’s too bad the O’Connors are notorious slum lords who will probably let these buildings fall into ugly disrepair, like their houses in Collegetown (while keeping every security deposit from every tenant for spurious reasons like “cleanup and repairs”).

20 03 2017
312-314 Spencer Road Construction Update, 3/2017 | Ithacating in Cornell Heights

[…] It’s only now occurring to me that the elevations presented in the initial SPR filing don’t match either structure – the diagram shows a house with bay window projections and two front entrances. 125 Elmira has the dual front entrances but no bay windows, while 129 has a front entrance and a side entrance (and as noted in January, the shake siding does not cover the whole bay projection as originally intended). […]

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