Cornell Ag Quad Rehabilitation Construction Update, 11/2016

21 11 2016

It’s that time of the month – construction updates will be forthcoming over the next several days.

On Cornell’s campus, work on the Ag Quad renovation continues. The eastern half of the quad, closer to Mann Library, is mostly complete – phase one of two. There weren’t as many underground utilities to lay in the eastern half, so it was able to progress more quickly, limiting the risk of running into winter. The new pavers are being set into place, and hay has been thrown down to keep the fresh soil and seed from blowing away, and to provide a warmer, moister environment for it to germinate in when the time comes. Those big holes behind the new seating area are for new trees that have yet to be planted – best practices state that trees are most likely to survive if planted in early spring.

Meanwhile, on the western half of the property, most of the new utilities (electrical, steam, sewer and water) have been laid, and new lamppost mounts are in place. According to a worker on-site, that metal structure in the third-to-last photo is a protective barrier to keep soil from falling back in onto workers as they assemble and lay the new utility lines. The precast concrete blocks in the second-to-last photo are protective covers for the new steam pipes. The pipes are laid, the protective barriers are put into place over them, and the channel is backfilled with soil to bring it to ground level. Cosmetic surface work on the western half of the Ag Quad will have to wait until next spring, when the threat of winter storms has passed.

The $9.6 million project began during the summer, and is scheduled for a completion before the 2017-18 academic year. MKW & Associates LLC of New Jersey is the lead landscape architect, Over & Under Piping Contractors Inc. of Auburn is the GC, and Albany-based CHA Consulting Inc. is providing civil engineering expertise. Background information on the project can be found here.

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One response

27 11 2016
Cornell PhD

That new paving looks very nice. Would that the Arts Quad got something like that, especially outside the libraries where there’s just cheap asphalt laid down.

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