Ithaca Marriott Construction Update, 4/2016

29 04 2016

Just clearing out the photo stash. An interview with Marriott contractor Mark Lane of W. H. Lane Inc. can be found on the Voice here.

Also, in the first photo, that’s probably the third-ugliest BMW in the world.

20160414_115436 20160414_115737 20160414_115827 20160414_115916 20160414_115920 20160414_115924 20160414_115958 20160414_120056 20160414_120121 20160414_120130 20160414_120212 20160414_120501 20160414_120856 20160414_121002 20160416_191249



3 responses

29 04 2016

Thanks for the picture update. Can’t wait to see the finished product. That shot looking up Aurora St from Seneca is big fun. The Marriott puts quite the exclamation point on that view. 🙂

29 04 2016
Cornell PhD

I love that you can see it all the way down the street from Fall Creek. It must put a little shock into the NIMBYs up there every time they step out of their homes.

BC, how many more stories until this tops out? I keep wondering when we’ll see the flag on top.

30 04 2016
B. C.

All the floors are up, just the mechanical penthouse left. Final height should be exactly 100 feet.

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