Carey Building Construction Update, 4/2016

28 04 2016

The Carey overbuild is in the home stretch. Travis Hyde properties has started advertising the units on their webpage, with listings ranging from $1,300 for the micro-apartments to $2,800/month for the upper level two-bedroom units. There hasn’t been any move-in date posted, but presumably it’s before the fall semester starts.

One thing that hasn’t been 100% clear is whether or not those panels inset with the curtain wall are the glass that’s supposed to in, or plywood placeholders. But apart from that, most of the work on the outside is complete – balconies and sunshades have been attached, but the sixth floor railing is still installing glass panels, and the ceiling to the third-floor patio has yet to be finished. The decision to apply the synthetic stucco was a good one, the color helps the overbuild blend in and gives it a more finished look.

Local firm John Snyder Architects penned up the design, and the buildout was handled by LeChase Construction.

20160414_120207 20160414_120347 20160414_120418  20160414_120713 20160414_120749






2 responses

29 04 2016
Cornell PhD

It would really say something about the “glass” of the panels if that were it and it was really indistinguishable from plywood…

29 04 2016
B. C.

Good point. I’ve honestly been wondering if the brown glass in the renders was simply a pane over plywood.

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