Boiceville Cottages Construction Update, 3/2016

21 03 2016

Some good progress has been made with the new cottages over at the Boiceville Cottages site. the cottages with the red-orange trim appear to be fully finished and occupied, while those with the blue trim have some interior finish work left before they can be rented out to tenants.

Newly risen since the last visit in January are a set of fuchsia-trimmed cottages that have been framed, sheathed, and partially stucco’d, and a fourth set of cottages that are still at the sheathing stage. Peering inside, you can see the interior stud walls and windows yet to be fitted into their openings.

That leaves a fifth and final batch of cottages that remain foundation slabs for the time being, but will likely start construction as we head through spring. Rents for the houses range from $1,095-$1,725/month, depending on the unit.

Bruno Schickel hosted congressman Tom Reed on a visit to the construction site a couple of weeks ago (more about that here and here). The $2.2 million last phase, which consists of 17 cottages, is expected to be completed this summer, bringing the total number of units on the site to 140. The cottages have been built in phases – 36 in 1996/97, 24 in 2006/07, and about 80 in multiple sub-phases since 2012.

Once the project wraps up, Schickel Construction plans to turn their attention to finishing their newly-acquired Farm Pond Circle project in Lansing.

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21 03 2016

I’ll say it again , these little rascals intrigue me. I notice in the link there’s a bus line mentioned that runs from Ithaca to the village. Any idea how often?

21 03 2016
Cornell PhD

It’s only twice a day in either direction on the 53 ( Not at all easy to live there without a car. Even the tiny Brookton’s Market is a hike for groceries (the cottages could maybe use some sort of retail?)

21 03 2016

Thanks for the info. I wonder if there are enough folks there to support a small store.

8 05 2016

The TCAT #52 runs by Boiceville several times a day going to and from Slaterville Springs area.

24 03 2016

These things are so cute. I wish they were in Ithaca, not out in the country; they seem perfect for grad students who want some personal space and the feel of a house but can’t afford to actually buy one.

24 03 2016
B. C.

Well, that’s one of the things that Schickel brought up during the Tom Reed visit – it’s very difficult to get approval for projects like this because of 1970s zoning regulations regarding lot size requirements, minimum house sizes, setbacks and clustering rules. Until the zoning gets fully updated (which is underway in at least a couple places such as Ithaca town), projects like this, and micro-houses in general, are going to be the exception rather than the rule.

24 05 2016
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