205 Dryden Road (Dryden South) Construction Update, 2/2016

2 03 2016

The street was closed off when I stopped by the Dryden South mixed-use site to take a few updated photo. From the flatbed of a semi, loads of wood were being craned into the project site. Asking one of the construction crew walking nearby, he said they were wood form to be used in concrete pours. Forms provide stability and shape while the concrete hardens, and they provide support to the steel reinforcing rods (rebar) embedded in the concrete. Some of those rods can be seen poking out of the concrete pillars in the photos below; they’ll tie into the walls as they’re built up.

Most of the current work appears to be focused on the first level, where the new Kraftee’s bookstore will be located. The ground-level exterior walls (Concrete Masonry Units [CMU] from the looks of it) have been built out and the interior walls are being assembled.  It shouldn’t be long before Dryden South really starts to move skyward. The six-story building is expected to open for occupancy before classes start in August.

LeChase Construction is the general contractor, and local firm Jagat Sharma is the architect.

20160220_112051 20160220_112137 20160220_112154 20160220_112209 20160220_112220 20160220_115028




2 responses

3 03 2016
Cornell PhD

Is the Cornell business school building going up at the same time? And do you know any more about the status of the corner lot at this time?

3 03 2016
B. C.

I’ll be putting up a progress report on that tomorrow morning.

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