Carey Building Construction Update, 12/2015

15 12 2015

Over at the Carey Building on the 300 Block of East State Street, much of the action is hidden behind layers of scaffolding, swaddling the building while construction work continues through this unseasonably warm (but much appreciated) December Ithaca’s having.

Some of the exterior has been furred out, meaning thing metal strips have been attached to the reflective surface cover (Hunter XCI polyisocyanurate exterior insulation) to help with facade installation. Documents filed with the project plans indicate that terra cotta panels will be installed over the gypsum sheathing boards, and in other less prominent sections of the building, NuTech Stucco (DAFS – Direct Applied Finished System) will be used.

Being that it is December, plastic sheeting has been hung over the future glass curtain wall, in an effort to keep winter’s (normally) icy breezes from making their way in. Looking at the backside, the dark material might be some type of waterproofing cover being applied under the exterior insulation. It looks like the new aluminum windows still have yet to be fitted into the vertical addition.

The Carey Building addition will add a third floor and 4,200 SF to the Rev business incubator (nearly doubling it from 4,500 SF to 8,700 SF), and on floors 4-7, there will be 20 apartments, most of which are studios. Local firm Travis Hyde Companies is developing, John Snyder Architects penned the design, and LeChase Construction is the general contractor. Look for a completion date sometime in spring of 2016.

20151204_153437 20151204_153459 20151204_153532 20151204_153601 20151204_153615 20151204_153652 20151204_153803 20151204_153822

carey_rev5_1 carey_rev5_3



2 responses

15 12 2015

Thanks BC for the updates of Carey & Marriott. My visits are few and far between, so these pics really help my visual senses with the progress. I see the gray clouds have settled into the area, but glad the cold temps and snow (ice) haven’t been around to slow down progress.

16 12 2015
Cornell PhD

The top floor (penthouse or something?) is already entirely sheathed in brick last time I looked. It didn’t seem like it would come out this way based on the renderings…I thought another material might be used for the State St. side?

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