327 Eddy Street Construction Update, 12/2015

8 12 2015

327 Eddy is almost ready to rise from the ground. The mat slab foundation for the upper tier has been poured onto the rebar mesh, with more rebar sticking out of the concrete, ready to tie-in the walls as they’re built up. On the lower tier, it looks like some forms are still in-place for further concrete pours (which sounds right, based off the elevation drawing below). No doubt the work crews have appreciated winter’s delayed arrival this year.

Plans call for a new 5-story building split into “steps” on the steeply-sloped site. The mixed-use building will bring 1,800 SF of retail space and 22 new apartment units with 53 bedrooms to the market in August 2016. Longtime Collegetown landlord Steve Fontana of the Fontana’s Shoes family is the developer, Jagat Sharma is the architect, and GM Crisalli & Associates of Syracuse will be overseeing construction. A construction loan of $4,824,000 is being provided by Tompkins Trust Company. A 2-story mixed-use building and the one-story Pixel Lounge building  were demolished to make way for the project.

Note in the elevation drawing below, the building is six stories. It was reduced to five, and the decorative crown was reworked after approval was granted. It also looks like the latest render was stretched to compensate the loss in height.

20151205_101654 20151205_101743 20151205_101803 20151205_102126

327_eddy_rev2_3 327_eddy_rev4_1



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29 02 2016
327 Eddy Street (Dryden Eddy Apts) Construction Update, 2/2016 | Ithacating in Cornell Heights

[…] block walls with vertical rebar poking out. I’m not 100% sure what’s being poured, as I thought the lower-level foundation was complete. According to someone familiar with the project, the flowable fill used for this project was poured […]

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