Carey Building Construction Update, 10/2015

22 10 2015

It looks like the Carey Building overbuild has topped out. Corrugated metal decking now covers all five floors of the addition. Interior metal stud walls have been roughed-in on the third through fifth floors, and some fiberglass-mat gypsum sheathing is even starting to show up on the exterior metal stud walls of the third floor. Look closely and you can see the window openings.

Looking at the Rev Business Incubator’s photo from the 19th, plastic sheeting now covers the front of the addition, and a little more progress has been made on those stud walls. Like the Lofts project, they project may end up looking like it’s trapped in a plastic bubble as the cool air gets frostier, and the need to keep those chilly winds at bay becomes more urgent. They also help in water proofing.

From October 11th:

20151011_144907 20151011_144931 20151011_145025 20151011_145410 20151011_145530 20151011_145603 20151011_145623

From Rev, October 19th:

carey_rev5_2 carey_rev5_3



One response

22 10 2015

Thanks for the update and pics. I’m getting a strong idea of what the end product will look like. The building doesn’t overwhelm it’s neighbors, but certainly fits nicely in its footprint. Good stuff.

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