Belle Sherman Cottages and Boiceville Cottages Progress, 12/2013

3 01 2014

Over my New Year’s holiday, I passed from Albany to Binghamton to Ithaca, to meet with someone and carpool west to Buffalo. This gave me a few hours to kill waiting for that person to arrive, so…carpe diem.

1-2-2014 300

1-2-2014 299

I really don’t care for the finish on the new cottages. It makes them look prematurely aged and gives them a less inviting appearance vs. their older cohorts.

1-2-2014 302

1-2-2014 301

Compared to the last photos, the cluster in the left of the second photo from top is now complete, with slab foundations in place for the next dozen cottages. I suspect these will mostly be built during the spring.

1-2-2014 304

Notably, when this day started, it was raining and in the low 40s.

1-2-2014 307

Next up were the Belle Sherman Cottages (a.k.a. Vine Street Cottages) on the east edge of the city.

1-2-2014 306

The “craftsman bungalow” on lot 19 is nearing completion, from the looks of it.

1-2-2014 308

Meanwhile, another house will be starting construction in the near future. This one looks to be lot 14, another “Victorian Farmhouse”, like the beige home in the lead-in photo. I wonder how many homes will have to be sold before marketing starts for the townhouses?

1-2-2014 305

As a quick side note, I noticed the grassy lot next to where I usually to park my car is now occupied by a two-story home. It’s not the same as the spec home proposed in the initial ad (the lot sold last August), but this house doesn’t look half bad (the entryway seems a little spartan).



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12 02 2014
Cornell PhD

Boiceville Cottages look like some kind of weird cult complex. I’d love to see many more developments like the Belle Sherman cottages, extending Ithaca’s city grid and general development pattern, instead. If only the Town of Ithaca were on board with this, rather than efforts to differentiate itself from the city with developments which, while not archetypal sprawl, are effectively contributing to similar land use / commuting problems.

16 04 2014
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18 06 2014
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