Cornell Construction Photos, Spring 2013

8 04 2013

I finally had the chance to swing through Ithaca for photo updates. Casual estimate here, I spent about 4.5 hours driving around getting photos, hitting about 90% of project sites, including all in Ithaca proper. The photos will go up over the next few days, split up because wordpress freaks out when a post has a large number of images.

4-8-2013 221

4-8-2013 222

The Law School addition is well underway, though casual observers may not notice since most of the expansion is underground. The project looks close to being on-time for the December 2013 completion of Phase I.

4-8-2013 230

The future home of Klarman Hall. Klarman will build up the slope to an East Avenue entrance, and the small flowering trees will be no more. The rounded classroom space of Goldwin Smith will still be there, though it will be encased by the glass atrium of the new building.

4-8-2013 238 4-8-2013 237

Much of the work with the Food Sciences Building has been completed, with interior work and external details underway for the addition. Phase II, the renovation of the original Stocking Hall, will begin this summer and run for about a year.

4-8-2013 236

I can’t help but think this looks like a gigantic Dust-Buster. The Big Red Band’s new 4,360 sq ft building is approaching completion.

4-8-2013 233

4-8-2013 2354-8-2013 234

I’m not quite sure how I feel about Gates Hall. The glass is high-quality, and much appreciated. However, looking at the south wall, I hope those are protective covers – to me, it just looks overly cluttered and unnecessarily “busy”. Completion of the 101,000 sq ft building is set for this December.



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