210 Hancock Construction Update, 10/2017

17 10 2017

One last walk around the block. It looks like only minor exterior finishes and landscaping/playground and basketball hoop installations left. TCAction’s daycare center has been dedicated the “Sally G. Dullea Childcare Center”, in honor of Sally Dullea, a longtime Ithacan and retired M&T Vice President who led TCAction’s Board of Trustees. Next door, The balance of the first-floor commercial space for a “Free Science Workshop”, which is a part of the Ithaca Branch of the Physics Factory, non-profit exhibition program that engages children with science. The “Physics Bus” in the parking lot is the mobile exhibit.

It also appears that either the multi-use path or the project itself has been dedicated to outgoing INHS Executive Director Paul Mazzarella. Not a bad way to say thanks after 27 years of service. As for his replacement, Johanna Anderson, best of luck, and I look forward to being a constructive nuisance.

It’s never been a secret that I was an advocate for this project, given the clear need for affordable housing, and the transparency and responsiveness of the project team during early planning. I continue to hold the project in high regard. It is a real improvement over the vacant Neighborhood Pride grocery store that was once here. It helps to fill a crucial deficit in a well-thought out, contextual, urban-friendly package. While walking around, I saw a young woman moving furniture into an apartment, a man and his son heading into one of the homes, and an older gentleman walking a dog. I think that, as the dust settles, it’ll blend seamlessly into Northside’s urban fabric, and be a worthy asset of the Ithaca community.

Before (image courtesy of Jason Henderson of Ithaca Builds):




5 responses

17 10 2017
S Altman

I like everything about the project — but why, oh why the garrish yellow trim?! I’m only someone who drives through the neighborhood on my way to rt 13 every weekday, but I wonder how the neighbors like the color…

17 10 2017
B. C.

Trust me, I feel the same way. “EYL Yellow” is the official name. Politely, I call it “intensely bright”. I’ve also used the phrase “eye-scalding”. https://ithacating.com/2017/04/23/210-hancock-construction-update-42017/

Originally, there were supposed to be intense lime green panels as well, but they were dropped during the planning stage.

17 10 2017

I used to think bright colored construction paneling should stay in new buildings’ color scheme, but this project has entirely changed my mind.

I’m also not a fan of the huge amount of blacktop in that parking area. Seems like it could have been better planned out to be a more efficient use of paved vs. landscaped space (or even a couple more housing units squeezed in.

Other than those two quibbles, it’s a good project overall.

20 10 2017
B. C.

Part of the reason for the large amount of blacktop is that the Lake Avenue ped path was originally going to be a private road for residents. When community groups expressed a dislike for that idea during the initial concept planning, the road was replaced with the ped path, and the center parking area was expanded to make up for the lost Lake Ave spaces.


23 10 2017
C.J. Randall

Haha “constructive nuisance.” Thanks, as always, for the great reporting and keeping us all up-to-date on development projects!

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