St. Catherine of Siena Parish Center Construction Update, 12/2016

12 12 2016

Over at St. Catherine of Siena’s new parish center, it looks like the GlasRoc sheathing towards the roof has been sprayed with the dark blue waterproofing, some “continuous anchors” (metal rails) have been attached, and the exterior panels are being attached. The renders show a different color and possibly material, so it’s not 100% clear on whether this is the final appearance.

Below that, the stone veneer is progressing, and most of the gypsum sheathing has been waterproofed. Only a few of the smaller windows have been installed, the rest still have yet to be fitted. In the second to last photo, the new enclosed walkway from the parish center to the church is coming along, framed but not yet outfitted with its expansive glass walls.

20161209_162951 20161209_163002 20161209_163043 20161209_163048 20161209_163128 20161209_163150 20161209_163302




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25 02 2017
St. Catherine of Siena Parish Center Construction Update, 2/2017 | Ithacating in Cornell Heights

[…] contractor Rycon) doing the exterior panels is using form boards to prop up the metal panels, which is odd since they were using metal rails underneath. The decorative windows within the stonework of the west facade are a nice touch. Enjoy your new […]

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