327 Eddy Street (Dryden Eddy Apts) Construction Update, 2/2016

29 02 2016

It was a little difficult to get good vantage points at the 327 Eddy Street construction site. Several cement trucks were coming and going during the photo op, and the crew from G. M. Crisalli and Associates were less than inclined to let anyone get close to do some photo taking.

Of the trio of Collegetown midrises currently underway, it would appear from what is visible that 327 Eddy is the one that is least furthest along. This might be because of the complicated topography of the site, since the building steps back into the hill. On the upper section, cinder block walls have been assembled; on the lower section, there are additional cinder block walls with vertical rebar poking out. I’m not 100% sure what’s being poured, as I thought the lower-level foundation was complete. According to someone familiar with the project, the flowable fill used in the foundation for this project was poured three feet deep. Flowable fill can’t handle as much weight as concrete, so I wonder if that factored into the decision to lop the sixth floor off the apartment building.

Plans still call for the 22-unit, 53-bedroom apartment building to open by August 2016. 1,800 SF of retail space will be located on the first floor of the lower level. Steve Fontana is the developer and Jagat Sharma (who actually updated his website for the first time in four years) is the project architect. According to the Fontana’s website (conveniently linked with the shoe store), unit prices range from $930 to $1250 per bedroom.

20160220_113640 20160220_113711 20160220_113725 20160220_113747 20160220_113806 20160220_114557 20160220_114658 20160220_114734


327_eddy_rev4_1 327_eddy_rev2_3



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