Kendal at Ithaca Construction Update, 12/2015

11 12 2015

This will probably be the last update for this project, since it’s slated to open next month. The new 24-unit apartment wing is completed from the outside, the carports are ready, and the new skilled nursing wings (48 beds, 16 in each wing) are mostly if not completely done. Originally, it appeared the skill nursing wings would have some decorative roof element (second image), but that appears to be from an early site plan of the design and may have been dropped. The landscaping has been prepared, with new saplings planted and hay strewn over the new grass seed.

More information about the project and Kendal can be found in the October update here, and the June update here.

Local architecture firm Chiang O’Brien partnered with the NYC office of Perkins Eastman to design the Kendal expansion. National contractor Lecesse Construction, with an office out of suburban Rochester, handled the build-out. The $29.3 million dollar expansion will create an estimated 20 to 25 new jobs. The project will be applying for LEED Gold certification.

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6 responses

11 12 2015
drill deep

Cornell reportedly has the second greatest Physics faculty in the world. Kendall would be number one. So they say.

Are the construction mock up photos current? They stay?

11 12 2015
B. C.

They are current. I suppose they’ll be taken away at some point soon.

11 12 2015

Hope this works… aerial video of a nearly completed Kendal campus:

11 12 2015
B. C.

Can I just say, it is a pain in the butt to have to walk around the Kendal site? Because visitor parking is way on the other side, and the site is just so large. At least with other large projects like Collegetown Terrace, there are multiple vantage points.

13 12 2015

What? No golf cart transit system in place yet?

13 12 2015
B. C.

Only for the olds.

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