202 Eddy Street Construction Update, 6/2015

9 06 2015

Work is progressing at 202 Eddy Street in Collegetown, where a reconstruction is underway to replace a historic building destroyed by fire in March 2014. Owner/developer Nick Lambrou announced plans to rebuild on the site shortly after the fire, with every intent of capturing the original home’s character. Being a part of the East Hill Historic District, the design of the replacement structure had to be approved by the Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Council (ILPC). After thorough review, the ILPC approved plans for a new 12-bedroom apartment building that completely replaces the fire-damaged building.

The new structure is a faithful interpretation of the original building, though it’s not an exact copy. An entrance door was repositioned, exterior emergency stairs will be internalized, and a chimney will not be rebuilt, but otherwise, its a close approximation of the original 19th century home. The architect is Ithaca-based Jagat Sharma, who has previous experience from the reconstruction of Sigma Pi’s house when it burnt down in 1995.

In these photos from Friday, most of the windows at least one of the doors have been fitted, and the exterior plywood is sheathed in Tyvek. The third floor, with its distinctive cupola, gives us a preview of the trim and siding – HardiePlank lap siding and half-round shingle siding, both in shades of green reminiscent of the original house, and “Arctic White” trim boards. Looking through the third floor window, there might be some drywall hanging underway, and judging from the first floor rough door opening, the interior lower floors may still be rough-ins phase.

202 Eddy is on the agenda this month by the ILPC; the council will conduct an inspection of materials just to make sure all is in good order, and as a prerequisite for issuing a Certificate of Appropriateness in July.

County records indicate the cost of construction is estimated at $750,000. Plans call for the new building to be completed and ready for occupancy by August, in time for the fall 2015 semester.

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One response

29 06 2015
David Harding

Thank you for your continuing commentary on Ithaca development and especially for keeping an eye on 202 Eddy Street. That’s the house I grew up in (after 3 years in Greenwich Village and 2 years at 208 N Quarry St). From the renderings and photos, it looks as though they are doing a good job capturing the spirit of the outside of the house, though the details of the materials will make a huge difference. The rear (west) elevation had already been changed since my parents sold the house in 1978, and a previous owner had glassed in the first floor back porches. I understand the desire to maximize the interior space, but I am disappointed that the west elevation, as shown in the ILPC application, is so bland. My bedroom in the southwest corner of the second floor opened out onto the full-width porch, as did my parents’ bedroom in the north west corner and the bathroom in between. The clothes washer was in that bathroom, so it was easy to hang the laundry out to dry on the lines that ran the width of the house there. I suppose that porch could also be considered a hazard, if it attracted intoxicated partiers.

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