A Random Mix of Project Updates 7/2013

1 08 2013

7-26-2013 058

7-26-2013 052

7-26-2013 053

Over at Breckenridge Place, the installation of the brick facade is nearing completion, and some of the windows have been installed in the six-story building. Originally slated for occupancy this fall, it looks like this has been pushed back a few months to very early 2014, according to the INHS website. This seems reasonable, as the vast majority of interior work still needs to be completed, not to mention the rest of the facade, window installation, and finishes/landscaping. An application lottery is underway for qualifying individuals.

7-26-2013 031

Looks like I can mark Collegetown’s 107 Cook Street as complete. Developer Dan Ligouri’s four units (12 bedrooms) will welcome their first tenants this summer (June/August thereabouts).  Replacing it in the queue of small residential projects, local nonprofit INHS will be launching construction on a 4-unit townhome project at the sharp corner of South Cayuga and South Titus Streets, just south of downtown. This is in addition to the aforementioned Breckenridge, a few rebuilds/renovations they have underway and the second phase of the Holly Creek townhomes, which will add another 11 units to be completed in late 2014.

7-26-2013 066 7-26-2013 049 7-26-2013 063

Ithaca makes this almost too easy. Ithaca Builds has been keeping tabs on the Planned Parenthood development, where foundation work is underway. The other two won’t start for a few more months.

7-26-2013 062 7-26-2013 067

It sure is odd to see a treeless Ithaca Commons.  Excavation and utilities replacement will be underway through December, with reconstruction and new surfacing planned for next spring and summer.




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1 08 2013

Looks like you got around town quite a bit bc. Thanks for the pics/update. I stumbled across site for the S Cayuga St. townhomes by IHNS a couple of days ago. I tried to find more info, but wasn’t successful. Looks like an interesting project for such an odd piece of land.

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