Thanksgiving Construction Update, Part II

11 12 2012

11-24-2012 188

It still surprises me just how prominent Collegetown Terrace is from some parts of the city. It truly is a massive project for a city of Ithaca’s size.

11-24-2012 193

It looks like the first floor of concrete has been poured for Breckinridge Place. The project seeks completion in fall 2013.

11-24-2012 196

Renovation is just as important as new construction.

11-24-2012 174

One of the INHS new builds. Sometimes, they renovate. Other times, when the house is too far gone, or has been severely compromised from a historical perspective, then a tear-down may commence. This duplex is an example of the latter.

11-24-2012 177

The Iacovelli apartment project on West Seneca is topped out, with initial facade work complete on the faux dormers, and windows recently installed.

11-24-2012 182

I had expected external work to have begun for the new hotel tower for the Holiday Inn, but it appears this is not the case. I was wondering if it was interior asbestos removal, but the low-rise portion slated to be demolished looks to be fully occupied. I am honestly unsure what the time frame for initial site prep is.

11-24-2012 186

Likewise, the Ithaca Marriott / Hotel Ithaca site isn’t fenced off yet, so this will probably see a late winter/ early spring construction start.

11-24-2012 178

A row of homes, all set to be demolished. Two are for Planned Parenthood’s new building, but I’m unsure the reason for tearing down the other two. Parking?

11-24-2012 181

The new Fairfield Inn down in big box land. Framing is underway, so completion in six to eight months is feasible.

11-24-2012 185

Cayuga Place, with only vestigial site prep at best. This one probably won’t start until the Spring anyway.

11-24-2012 187

Finally, something that is well underway. Asbestos removal and demolition of the former Challenge Indsutries buildings to make way for the new Seneca Way apartment building.

11-24-2012 191

Site of what could be the future Harold Square. The Home Dairy and Benchwarmers buildings (the Sage Block and Miller Block, I think offhand) would be renovated, while the three smaller buildings at right would see the wrecking ball. It’s hard to imagine an 11-story building standing in the background.



2 responses

11 12 2012

Challenge building was almost down as of late Monday, the 10th. Very exciting.

12 12 2012

Great update BC. I like that building in the 3rd pic. I see where the planning board has given an initial go ahead to the Harold Square project. A Steve noted, very exciting times in Ithaca indeed.

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