Beating a Photo Limit

30 11 2012

So apparently, wordpress limits the number of images included in a post now; swell.

11-24-2012 170

This wooded plot of land at Thurston and Highland is slated to become another apartment complex, this one housing 36 units.

11-24-2012 171

First covered in one of my very first entries, and then again when Warren Real estate earned the (in my opinion, unenviable) task of selling it. A former Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity house, the building was more recently home to Phi Delt’s annex and Theta Xi’s failed colony. The structure has been renovated and appears to be a large apartment house at this point. Not too shabby.

11-24-2012 163

11-24-2012 166

11-24-2012 164

11-24-2012 165

Collegetown Terrace. Perhaps the biggest visual change from the street was the stripping down of the historic Williams House, which is being renovated to its original dimensions and revitalized as part of the project. Further in, the foundation and parking garage facilities are being laid for the larger, more adventurous apartment buildings of Phase II. This section will be completed by next August, with phase III, with more shiny and overly modern apartments, completed  the following year.



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