A Look Inside the Physical Sciences Building

11 11 2010

I’ll write more substantial posts in the near future. In the meanwhile, here’s some photos I took recently on a trip back to Cornell’s campus (the joy of living only a few hours away is that weekend trips are feasible – for the record, if you asked me last year where I was going, it was to a school out in the Mountain West…but that was before their funding was cut. The next best solution just happened to be in the Northeast).

So, anyways, the work is virtually complete, with part of the building opened for light use, but the whole building is still not yet fully accessible.  As if that’s ever stopped me before.


This mock-up, some empty carrels and a couple of bare desks are all that is left of the Physical Sciences Library in Clark Hall. I noticed one of the pillars an eulogy tot he library that Munier Salem had written in the Sun on March 26, 2009, yellowed but encased in a simple black picture frame. I thought it was a nice gesture to the library that once was. Although I opted to not take a photo of the column, here’s a link to its online version.

Insert your name here…for about $35 million. Could be you…

Leaving the oxidized copper lampposts was a nice touch.



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