The Cornell Convention Center

29 04 2010

While doing research recently, I came across this an old article promoting the proposal for a campus convention center.

The images and article are from a November 1966 issue of the “Cornell Countryman”, which was a monthly magazine published by the old Agriculture school (now CALS).

The proposal (which was never approved), was located off of Jessup Road where the townhouses are located today. It called for a 125,000 sq ft facility complete with break-out rooms, a banquet facility and larger meeting spaces. The expected cost was around $5 million in 1966 dollars. The proposal also suggested the extension and rerouting of Jessup Road to either/or Rte 13 and 366.

In the article, it mentions proposed dorms nearby. This would be in reference to the highrises and lowrises, as well as RPU, which were built in the early and mid 1970s.



One response

30 04 2010
Dean F

Hey B.C., I never knew about that convention center plan. Had they built it, I imagine it would have totally changed the character of north campus. What a monstrosity that thing is! It looks like a New Jersey beach hotel. But, I suppose I would feel the same way about the highrise dorms if they were also scrapped proposals. When you’re used to being around ugly buildings, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re missing.

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