Bob Saget Loves Seal and Serpent

22 04 2010

So, some folks might have noticed today that Bob Saget is on campus (again). Their seems to be some buzz going about as to what he’s doing far above Cayuga.

Well, first things thing. According to former (retired?) Ivygate editor Max Wasserman,

“…he’s filming for his new A&E show about interesting subcultures. So the specific subculture he’s covering at Cornell is fraternities and the plan is that he will actually go through initiation. The reason why he’s in Ithaca following Seal & Serpent  is that the producers approached national fraternities about filming, but the national chapters were reluctant to have their secret rituals filmed at any of their houses. The producers then decided to look at independent fraternities as they don’t have to deal with national chapters. They approached S&S (oldest independent fraternity in the country) who agreed. The producers were present at the frat’s initiation dinner a few weeks ago.

So that’s why Bob Saget is at Cornell. He’ll be there through the weekend when I believe he will go through initiation himself (though I could be wrong). There also may be another going-on at the frat related to the filming, but I’m not sure about that yet.”

Well, one of my best friends at Cornell happened to make it the topic of our lunch discussion, before I even heard Bob Saget was on campus. Originally I included how they knew so much. I removed it in case some hypersenstive brother goes on a witch hunt (ed.) Apparently, the program is paying for Seal to do a formal Friday night, tuxes, dates and all. Opinions of Seal aside, just about any fraternity (I’m not even humoring the thought of it being anything else but a normal Cornell fraternity) would love to have the cost of a formal covered. Also, though perhaps stereotypically so, the program is paying Seal to host a toga party Saturday night. I have no idea whether that is open or not.

Yeah, so, congrats to Seal. I think.



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