Spring 2013 Construction Update (The Last Photos)

18 04 2013

I’ll admit, took a little longer than expected. But being a first-time first author on a just-submitted scientific paper for peer review…well, that took precedence. Now that I’ve finally crossed that off my professional bucket list, I can put up the last few photos. I have variations of project photos, and Ithaca photos in general, which will show up as other entries are written in due course.

4-8-2013 344

Hello new and not-completely-sad looking Clinton Street bridge. The lightposts and balustrade are nice touches. Personally, I wish the steel was something other than Grandma’s fridge green.

4-8-2013 3464-8-2013 342

I was not completely sure where local uber-capitalist Jason Fane was planning his new 3-building, 36-unit project. But I figured this hilly area next to the City View property and the IPD was a likely guess.



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