News Tidbits 2/8/13: Even Small Projects Deserve A Blurb

8 02 2013

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I held off on posting anything last week (opting instead to post early), because of a hectic work schedule. It seems wrong at first glance that a meteorologist should have a day off during what will be by most accounts a powerful snowstorm; but I work weekends and I already hit my OT limit for the week. So seeing as how most of my “weekend” plans are cancelled, here’s a smattering of news tidbits.

70 new units of eco-friendly housing are planned for West Hill. The complex would be a mixed-income development of townhomes and apartments, clustered for pedestrian ease. Notably in the article, a town councilman asserts that the land was intended for industrial development under the comprehensive plan, not residential, and “it’s not clear to me at this point how it (the proposed housing development) fits in with our overall concept of development in that area”.

Fine and all, except the town put the parcel out to bid six months ago with the goal of residential development of an eco-friendly, mixed-income nature. With a starting bid of $500,000. I guess someone ponied up. I also guess there would be a very costly lawsuit if the town tried to change the rules now. But then, this councilman has always been a notable opponent of West Hill development, so we’ll see how this plays out with the planning board.

– Funds are in place to purchase property for the construction of Ithaca’s first mosque; the Sun article suggests a small parcel near the mall. Kudos, Ithaca, and best of luck to the future house of prayer. I have every faith in Ithaca’s residents and culture to avoid another Murfreesboro from happening.

– An ensemble of small projects form some minor blips on the radar. Two duplexes to built in the Eastern Heights neighborhood. The Palms’s water pipes burst, furthering the building’s inexorable move towards demolition, probably when Novarr-Mackesey’s time frees up with the completion of Collegetown Terrace in 2014. Lansing’s new fire station is near completion, and in a total failure on my part, I had no clue what it was when I took a photo of it in trying to find the senior housing that was supposed to be built with the new BJ’s.



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12 02 2013

Good info, and don’t worry, there’s no such thing as a small project in little ole Ithaca. (wink-wink). Thanks bc.

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