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2 11 2012

Finding renderings and digging up information tends to be a one-person task. Once in a while, on a whim, I’ll email the marketers or a director of new projects, or whoever is in charge of something, and ask them if there are any public renderings. As one might expect, I don’t get a response back.

Until today.

Actually, until yesterday. I only check the ithacating email once every few days.

I had emailed Scott Reynolds, the Director of Real Estate Development for INHS, asking if I might be able to get a copy of the renderings. My reasoning in my intro email. “I follow Ithaca construction projects, but I’ve moved out of the area for the time being.” Essentially, this makes me some random guy, not a potential client.

I received renderings in response to my inquiry. A small piece of my faith in humanity has been restored.

The apartments have a fairly modern look, clean and contemporary if perhaps a little fussy with the rooflines. But, this design is much more comforting than certain other recently proposed projects.

The townhouses follow the same theme. There will be 16 townhomes (two rows of eight), and 19 apartments in the three-story building.

In conclusion: Scott Reynolds, you’re awesome. Thanks.



4 responses

4 11 2012

Hey B.C., thanks to both you and Mr. Reynolds. Good to see what this project is going to look like.

8 11 2012

B.C., I took your lead and inquired about the Seneca Way status. I contacted the Downtown Ithaca Alliance and was rewarded with a date for ground breaking; November 14th. That was a bit of a shock since I didn’t know the financing and all approvals had gone through.. God stuff.

15 02 2014
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