News Tidbits 4/14/10: South Hill Expands

15 04 2010

Two things, one dealing with IC and the other with the neighboring South Hill business campus. IC is looking to expand student housing (partially due to the record number of students they enrolled) by adding 280 units of apartment housing to its South Hill campus. Meanwhile, the South Hill Business Campus is seeking approval to construct three buildings totalling 190,000 square feet, which would be built as needed. The business campus was once the regional headquarters of the National Cash Register company (NCR) and was completed in 1957 with an addition in 1975. While it once housed over 1,000 employees, the building was sold to a French company (Axiohm) in 1991, and in a fine showing that they never really cared for local interests, outsourced most of the manufacturing work. By 2004, the factory was only 25% occupied, so a group of investors made an offer to buy the place and operate it as a sort of business incubator for company needing a varying amount of office and maufacturing space. Today, the facility is 84% occupied, so it looks like they did a good job marketing and updating the building. One building would be up by 96B, the second attached to the west end of the current building, and the last just south of the current building.


From the Ithaca Town Planning Board agenda:

Consideration of a sketch plan for the proposed South Hill Business Campus Master Plan located at 950 Danby Road (NYS Route 96B), Town of Ithaca Tax Parcel No.’s 39-1-1.2 and 39-1-1.1, Planned Development Zone No. 12 and Office Park Commercial Zone. The Master Plan includes the development of three new buildings (totaling +/- 197,000 GSF), a new loop road, additional storm water facilities, and new landscaping. The new buildings would contain a mix of office, manufacturing, and research and development uses, and would be phased in one at a time as needed. South Hill Business Campus LLC, Owner/Applicant; Miles G. Cigolle, A.I.A., HOLT Architects, P.C., Agent.

Consideration of a sketch plan for the proposed Circle Apartments Expansion located at 1033 Danby Road (NYS Route 96B), Town of Ithaca Tax Parcel No.’s 43-1-2.2, 43-1-2.3 and 41-1-30.2, Multiple Residence and Medium Density Residential Zones. The project includes the demolition of four existing apartment buildings (32 bedrooms) along with the removal of multiple existing parking spaces on the property to allow for the construction of 78 four bedroom apartment units in nine new buildings (net increase of 280 bedrooms), construction of an approximately 2,500 square foot expansion to the Community Building, and a net addition of 106 parking spaces on the property. The project will also include new storm water facilities, walkways, drives and landscaping. College Circle Associates, LLC and Ithaca College. Owners/Applicants; Herman Sieverding, Integrated Acquisition & Development Corp., Agent.



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