The Keyword Bar VII

7 04 2010

It’s actually been a while since I have one of the keyword entries. Part of it has been because I’m been busy with grad school and trying to figure out where I want to spend the next few years of my life. The decision gets easier when half the schools that accept you tell you they have can’t give a funding offer, but I guess that’s how it goes. The rest of my life is sapped away by my now-completed thesis and trying the visit the schools that won’t force me to pay out-of-pocket. Anyways…

1. “ithaca craigslist” (4-6-10)

Okay, so not exactly a query as much as it was a link. Someone posted something on Craigslist about downtown Ithaca construction projects,  and they linked here, which led a few readers here. Pretty harmless compared to some of the things you find on Craigslist (i.e. disturbing fetishes). The only time I myself have ever used Criaglist was when my housemates and I bought a bunk bed so two people could share the largest bedroom. Guy drove the bed frame out from Cortland in the bed of a pickup truck with no extra charge.

2. “what are coed greek houses called” (4-4-10)

Fraternities. Actually, some sororities, such as Kappa Alpha Theta, are also technically fraternities by name. In a nutshell, not all fraternities are all male, but all sororities are all female. Some overstep the confusion by calling themselves “societies” or by vaguely referring to themselves as “organizations”.

3. “eleusis water view” (4-5-10)

Probably not. Eleusis was based out of a house at 313 Wait Avenue. The number of houses already in the area by the 1910s, combined with at least some sporadic tress (the area was relatively barren compared to today) would’ve meant that with maybe the slight exception of the rooftop offering hindered views of Beebe Lake pre-Balch Hall, there were no water views from Eleusis.

4. “highest wind speed ever reported buffalo” (4-3-10)

According to the 2009 World Almanac, the highest wind speed is 91 MPH, but in a typical year the highest wind speed is normally around 50 MPH.

5. “physical sciences building cornell” (4-2-10)

Coming along nicely. Seems to be on time for its October dedication.

6. “green cafe ithaca shutdown” (4-1-10)

Kinda funny how that turned out. It took them well over a year to renovate the old bank building on the SW corner of College and Dryden, and they were only open for a year. I went there on a date once. It was nothing special, although food-by-the-pound was an interesting take on dining out. I s’pose that one of the reasons they applied for a liquor license a few months back was to try and drum up business, but it didn’t work as well as hoped.

7. “aem vs engineering cornell” (4-1-10)

About as similar as chalk is to cheese. One is difficult, frustrating and has a low average GPA. The other isn’t. ORIE (Operations Reserach and Information Engineering) is sometimes described as a blend of the two.

8. “sage chapel hours” (4-2-10)

To be honest, I’m not sure. I want to say it opens at 8 AM and is closed by 8 PM, but I’m not positive. Perhaps someone who reads this blog has the answer to that question.



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