Cornell in the Limelight for Recent Spate of Deaths

18 03 2010

A short list:

Fox News, CNN, BBC News, MSNBC, Slate (who tied it into an older article from 2006), The New York Times, The London Times,

Fox News, ABC and CBS and the L.A. Times are all running the same written article regarding Cornell’s recent losses. According to CNN, six of our student fatalities since August have been suicides.

Of course, most news outlets give registered users an uncensored chance to express their opinion on articles such as the Cornell events. Some of these are so offensive that they should never be reproduced. But to sum it up, apparently, some combination of allowing women on campus/not being a good Christian school/too much emphasis on grades/natural selection/recreational drug use/Greek life/no social life/the weather/it’s in upstate New York/ caused it to happen. This reminds me why I usually avoid the comments section on these websites. The most embarrassing part is watching posters claim they’re Cornell alumni and then argue about how great or terrible the school is/was during their time of attendance.

Cornell loves to be in the news, but I’m sure they’d rather be in the headlines for almost anything but the recent series of tragic deaths.



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