Dear Ithaca, How I Missed You…

28 07 2009

I suppose that most people, on their first arrival back to the place they call home, would call their friends and make their presence known. I on the other hand decided to avoid my overcrowded sub-subletted apartment by taking photo of the campus construction projects.



I have to come back to 107 weeks of this? I just lost one of my main walking paths to class. This is almost like coming back to my girlfriend in bed with someone else.  I s’pose I should be glad I’ll only be affected by this for a year before I head elsewhere.


Well, I guess if they were going to close off the street, they might as well take advantage to do soil testing for the Johnson addition. Speaking of which, am Ithaca Journal article mentioned that mercury was found at the site [1]. Considering that the building was a chemistry building, and its first incarnation burnt down back in the days before WWI, this shouldn’t be too much of a shock.


The physical sciences building continues on its merry way towards completion.


MVR North is also well into its construction. I’m personally hoping the concrete and mortar parking base receives an attractive stone veneer to reduce some of the brutalist qualities of the north facade.


The Vet School’s Diagnostic Center has received part of its brick facade, on track for its opening within the next year.


Meanwhile, Barton Hall and anabel Taylor (not pictured) are being renovated, mostly with replacement stone for the facade, and roof repairs. Barton has been particularly needy for a reno because the stone on the tower was getting to a point where it was liable to crumble away, and it reasonably couldn’t be put off any longer.


The Hotel School addition is on target for its winter completion date. For a 12,000 sq ft addition, it really sticks out, especially when approaching from the north on East Avenue. Where the Beck Center used to clash with the south facade, now the new addition clashes with the older southwest wing of the hotel school. I don’t think it’ll do much for Statler Hall, aesthetically speaking.





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28 07 2009

sweet! I’ve been dying to see the progress on these sites. Not much has happened, at least visibly, to any of them… though the brick on the diagnostic center is a pretty dramatic change.

I believe the models of the completed MVR-North do include stonework on the garage base. A lot of stonework too. So much so that you wonder why they can’t just do entire buildings like that… but with budget constraints, who knows if they might have changed the plans…

30 07 2009

Ugh, where am I gonna park now. The lot behind sibley was one of the only places I ever parked on campus. This kinda took away some of my excitement of getting back…

16 12 2013
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