Devil’s in the Details: Fraternity GPAs

16 07 2009


Since this is one of the more clicked-upon data sets on this blog, I figured I would include the latest update: Fraternity House GPAs.



So, let’s see what we can pick out concretely from the data:

1. In the fall, Pi Kappa Phi had the highest average GPA, and Sigma Alpha Mu took the academic crown this past spring. 

2. Number of IFC members: 2220. Number of organizations in IFC: 42. Number of people per house: about 53 on average (52.8). The largest IFC house is Sigma Alpha Epsilon with 91 members, and the smallest is Sigma Chi Delta with 12 members. Perhaps unsurpringly, Sigma Alpha Epsilon also saw the largest increase from fall to spring, adding 27 members, and Lambda Chi Alpha (26) and Theta Delta Chi (25) also posted large membership gains (I had been hearing about Theta Delta Chi’s big success since February).

3. The recently reinstated Theta Xi and Kappa Alpha Society continue to eke out a small but notable presence beside larger houses. I hope they continue to thrive.

4. Statistically, the MGLC members have lower GPAs. The average MGLC GPA is about 2.993, and only one organization, Pi Delta Psi, is in the top half of the general fraternal body academic list. Historically black fraternities fare much worse, averaging about 2.73. This data is only readily apparent when pulled from the rest of the values.

Here’s some thoughts:

A. Considering the IFC’s big push for higher GPAs within houses (epsecially during pledging), one imagines that the drop in GPA during the spring will not be looked upon kindly when members reconvene in the fall.

B. The MGLC’s academics are lacking. An average of only 2.99? Only would be acceptable if they were all engineering students.

C. Assuming about 6850 male undergrads (assuming a school that’s half male and has 13,700 students in total), fraternity membership rate approximately stands at 33.99%. However, since two of the house are co-ed, we’ll assume that they’re half-and-half and take off accordingly (-33), reducing our percentage to 33.50%.



One response

16 07 2009

I was impressed by FIJI’s improvement. I heard that at their national convention last summer, they had to amend a national resolution of some sort…the original resolution had only permitted chapters to be “wet” if their GPA was within a certain percentile, and the Cornell chapter’s was below that threshold.

The more interesting numbers will be the new member class GPAs, since those are the basis for the IFC’s new system of punishments.

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