Ithaca Really is 10 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality

14 07 2009

So, CNN released its annual “Best Places to Live” articles in its business section (Money Magazine, [1]). Normally, I don’t care much for the highly variable “Best Places” lists that appear in so many published reports, in many different variations, including best places for singles and best places for beer drinkers.

So, the decision making is one thing, and to each their own. But according to CNN Money, Ithaca apparently doesn’t exist. I first noticed this last year, but decided it was probably a glitch, and it would be recognized as the 30,000 person city that it is when they finally came around to updating their lists. But apparently, I was wrong.

Typing in Ithaca says the city doesn’t exist. Examining the list of New York State cities, the disappearance of Ithaca is quite conspicuous.


I mean, it would be nice if CNN actually acknowledged Ithaca’s existence. I’m not saying it’s deserving of any awards, but hell, if they’re going to throw in Inwood, an ambiguous town that’s effectively part of NYC, you would think that a regionally distinct city of 30,000 would at least get a footnote in their list of towns and cities.

But, CNN be damned. Some people do think it exists after all, and even deserving of some recognition:



One response

16 07 2009

Maybe the Keith Olbermann (of rival MSNBC) and Ann Coulter (noted conservative gadfly) fight over their status as Cornell Alumns was just too much for CNN to forgive. And poor Ithaca had to suffer the consequences.

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