The Keyword Bar IV

27 05 2009


Yeah, it’s a cop out. I’ll do a more substantial entry in the next day or two. After that, I’ll be 800 miles from Ithaca for my summer work, so updates might be sparse in June and July.

1. “collegetown terrace apartments architect” (5-22-09)

Well, let’s look at the May 26, 2009 Ithaca planning board agenda:


The applicant proposes to construct rental housing aimed at students with approximately 1,260 bedrooms (a net gain of 625 bedrooms) in new and existing apartment buildings on a contiguous site of approximately 16.4 acres. The proposed new building design calls for seven new structures, six of which will be 65’ wide with three stories of apartments and up to two levels of parking at grade or below. Site development will require the demolition of all existing buildings and associated structures, roadways, vegetation, and landscaping on the project site, with the exception of those buildings within the East Hill Historic District. The project is on the R-3A and P-1 Zoning Districts and a portion the site is in the East Hill Historic District. This is Type I Action under both the City of Ithaca Environmental Quality Review Ordinance (174-6 (B)(1)(d), (h)[2], [3] & [4] & (k), (n), & (3) ) and the State Environmental Quality Review Act (617(b)(5)(iii) and is subject to environmental review. An Environmental Impact Statement is anticipated for this project.

Collegetown Terrace Apartments, East State Street, Trowbridge and Wolf LLP, Applicant for Owner, Collegetown Terrace Apartments LLP (c/o John Novarr). Intent to Declare Lead Agency.

In case anyone’s wondering, the board agenda is largely the same as last month, with the addition of two proposed duplexs in the city, and the 121 Oak Avenue Project, which was initially proposed for C-Town before the moratorium went into effect, and is now once again being considered. Offhand, I believe that calls for a three-story, six-unit apartment building.

Trowbridge and Wolf, as mentioned previously, does most of its work for educational and healthcare facilities, as well as forays into urban planning and trail design [1]. Since the closest thing they’ve done to a residential project is Cornell West Campus (which design-wise you either like or hate, and I fall into the latter), it’ll be worth looking at the renderings when they’re released.

2. “direction to teagle hall from anabel taylor” (5-23-09)

Oh, I love graduation season. For the record, the direction would be almost directly east. I’ll admit, it was kinda sad to see some of my senior friends bid their farewells to the place far above Cayuga, but it’s just one more chapter in the history of Cornell. As Skorton said in his speech to the seniors, “we’re counting on you” [2].

3. “cornell gates hall” (5-8-09)

Yes, it has been a while since we last checked in on that. It’s still in the concept phases, i.e. needs more money. [3]

4. “cornell agr hazing” (5-1-09)

Maybe. If there’s three things that always seem to get hits for this blog, they are “suicide”, “hazing” and “average <engineering, aem, hotel…> gpa”. It might reflect poorly, but I don’t feel strongly about it either way, I just think that those topics are the things that people go to the internet for because they tend to be sensitive issues, so people seek anonymity by looking online. Just my two cents.

5. “can i be in 2 frats at the same time” (5-14-09)

Back in the day, yes. In the older days of the late 19th century and early 20th century, many a “college man” could call himself a member of two social fraternities, as well as multiple honoraries and service fraternities. However, the practice was largely shut down by the 1920s and 1930s, as many national organizations wrote additions to their bylaws prohibiting co-membership with other social organizations. Most hononaries and service groups still allow for membership in multiple organizations, as long as they don’t directly interfere with one another’s purpose of activities (ex. you can’t be a member of two business fraternities, but being a member of a professional, a service, and a social is okay).

6. “is a c+ a bad grade cornell” (5-10-09)

Depends on the course, I’d think. Everyone has their own challenges and difficulties in a course, so if you worked your tail off for a C+, then that’s just how it plays out, and you do the best you can, even if it isn’t the best grade in class. Don’t know what else to say.







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