Off-Topic: The Keyword Bar III

31 03 2009


Another fun off-topic entry where I get to comment on some of the more interesting searches that picked up this blog. Otherwise known as my excuse for an entry because I’m in a busy period.

1. “ithaca death hotel ezra cornell” 3/29/09

Technically, I’ve never posted much on this because I’ve never been able to verify it. Story goes that two hotel students experimenting with drugs decided to climb out onto a building ledge and see if they could fly during Hotel Ezra Cornell. Makes for a great story if you’re in to that macabre sort of thing. The incident was supposed to have happened sometime in the 1980s.

2. “cornell’s s—-t s——-s ithacating” 3/26/09

Long story short, I received a face-to-face warning to take down a certain entry. I know it keeps triggering fruitless searches, but it makes for a fun story that I caused them to get their panties all in a bunch over a blog entry.

3. “bradfield hall eighth floor cornell” 3/26/09

Is nothing special. For those who have yet to venture through the upper floors of Bradfield, the building in entirely lined with brick with lab and work rooms coming off each side. Also worth noting is that with the exception of the first floor, men’s rooms are on odd floors and ladies on even floors. This was due to a budget cut during its design phases.

4. “kdr pledge pin” 3/23/09

Little blue shield-style badges with a red diagonal stripe saying “KDR” in gold print.  There’s actually an entire website dedicated to that sort of thing:

5. “”green cafe” ithaca new korean” 3/22/09

Yes, I’m just as aware of it as the rest of you. This restaurant opened at 300 College Avenue this past week. It’s owned by Charles Park and modeled after his flagship cafe in Manhattan[1]. I myself don’t plan on spending 7.50 for a sandwich (not to dissuade anyone else of course), but if someone wants to share reviews, by all means go ahead.

I think this is the first time in several years all four corners have been competely occupied. The least time may have been when Sam Gould’s Collegetown Store (NE corner – now the Ciaschi Building), a dilapidated oversized apartment house (NW corner – now Starbucks), a convenience store (SE corner – Kraftee’s) and a BoA branch (Green Cafe) occupied the corners in the mid 1980s.

On that note, the Starbucks building is owned by Avramis Real Estate, which has built or completely remodeled several properties in the past few years [400 College, 227 Linden, 319 College – 2]. I  suspect that with the lifting of the moratorium next month, the Collegetown Liquor Store or M&T Bank property, both Avramis properties, will be next in line for redevelopment.

6. “john rancich and his new projects 2009” 3/18/2009

Which one, the wind farm in Enfield [3], or Carrowmoor? Man’s got a lot of stuff planned for little ol’ Tompkins County.

7. “delta kappa epsilon branding” 3/17/2009

Um…possibly? This blog devotes no resources to the discussion of pledging procedures. A search on google brings up a very informative article about branding by multicultural fraternities and sororities.

I have lost count how many sorority ritual hits I’ve received about Kappa Delta’s “dagger”, or Alpha Phi’s secret words, or Sigma Kappa’s “blood ritual”.

8. “ithacating in cayuga heights” 3/11/09

Really? I know the name’s a little wordy, but I didn’t think it was that hard to remember. I guess that’s because I’m the one writing it.

Taking a look at the top search terms now…out of about 21,000 or so hits since Ithacating was launched last June…

“Corten steel (506 hits)” and “corten (485 hits)”. Nearly 1,000 hits for a type of steel I only mention for the sole fact that it’s the steel used on the exterior of Uris Hall. “ithacating” comes in third with 117 hits.

Meanwhile, “sigma chi cornell” claims the most hits out of any Greek chapter, with 76 hits. I think my own chapter has had maybe 10. A good number of greek searches are actually meant for RPI, Penn State and the University of Toronto. But, I only cover Cornell, with a little bit of Ithaca College. Sorry!









4 responses

31 03 2009

re:#5 i can remember as a freshman in the fall of ’93 that all four corners in ctown were occupied: gould’s, a bank (forget which one it was back then but i’m fairly certain it wasn’t just an ATM front at that point), the ctown deli, and Wendy’s.

re #7 as a DKE alum, all i can say is no comment

1 04 2009
B. C.

Thank you for sharing! Out of curiosity, was Gould’s Collegetown Store still in the corner storefront back in 1993?

1 04 2009

yes it was, and it was pretty much as you described. gould’s was basically located in what would otherwise have been an old run-down apartment house, but they had the widest selection of cornell and ithaca-themed apparel/gifts/crap around. despite the shabby appearance of the building i was surprised when they shut down. needless to say, i was at that point quite unaware of the exorbitant leases stores in ctown have to pay.

20 07 2009

tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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