The Planning Board’s Lack of Logic

20 03 2009

Goody Clancy’s suggested plan:


The recommendations from the planning board


Note the differences. There are many. It’s as if they looked at the $200,000 study, said “it’s nice, but-“, and went the opposite direction.

So, the planning board has not only not accepted Goody Clancy’s advice, it’s doing the reverse – it’s making zoning even more restrictive, and (as suggested) making parking tighter in Collegetown in favor of garages in the city. I’m sure they’re patting themselves on the back for “preserving the neighborhood”. In my opinion, considering the parking and discouragement of multi-unit buildings, this seems to be a not-too-subtle suggestion to students from permanent residents: we don’t want you here.

My suggestion to permanent Collegetown residents: too bad. As Cornell’s class sizes increase, where do you think they’ll move? North is well protected as a historic district (Cornell Heights – and Cayuga Heights has had restrictions in place for years). West is largely undevelopable due to topography and the cemetery. Living outside the close proximity of Cornell will lead to students bringing cars with them, resulting in more traffic congestion, which is (and should be) discouraged.  Students will therefore move to Collegetown, and I’m willing to bet that as opprotunities arise, landlords will buy up the owner-occupied properties and turn them into student occupied houses, since there will be more demand. This may pass for now, but in the long term, the anti-development crowd is going to dwindle down. There’s nothing Mary Tomlan and the planning board can do about that.



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5 04 2009

I just happened to come across your site… and specifically this post. So I’m one of these CVIC people who worked with Goody to come up with this plan… and I’m one of these people who is vert upset at Tomlan and the Planning Board for taking the plan and saying” yeah, nice, but no.” They are fools.
So my point is this… email common council and tell them you thoughts. Please. The Bryant Park residents do this all too often and we students don;t enough. You are 100% right that in the long run, students will always find a place to live… even if that means Bryant Park just becomes an extension of Collegetown. That is, unless the ORIGINAL Goody Plan is adopted. Email them, all of them.

9 03 2014
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